Paphareshwar Temple

Paphareshwar literally means the avenger of sins . In present form its a shiva temple just beside the dhar complex .The temple has ornate...

Yadhneshwar Temple

Yadhneshwar or Yajneshwar ( याध्नेश्वर ) temple is also called shukracharya vedhshala ie observatory of saint shukracharya .

Lonar Crater

Lonar crater lake is a nearly circular in shape . Its the only lake in the world formed by meteorite impact in basaltic rock....

Reaching Lonar

( please click on Lonar Map on how to reach Lonar Crater Saraover ) Geographically Lonar is located in district buldhana . However tourism...

Ain-i-Akbari on Lonar

Ain-i-Akbari in 1596-97 is book composed by Abul Fazl . This is part of a larger biographic work he wrote for king akabar (...


At the head of the path that leads down to the lake is a perennial spring locally supposed to issue out from the Ganga....

Daityasudan Temple

The temple of Daityasudana at Lonar is the best example of the Hemadpanti style.  From the standing image of Surya in the principal niche...

About Lonar

Lonar is many things to many people . For geologist its a place to study the crater that was formed by meteoric impact .  the...