Yadava dharm shala at mehekar

​At mehekar:Medival ,yadava lodge/guesthouse . This site at the town of mehekar is some 6 pillar long anf 8 pillar wide at present. It might give impression of a temple but its ASI documented site  clarifying its built as resting place for travellers.the pillars have decorative motifs like multi petal flowers,square boxes and sometimes hmsa . Its as quintessential inverted snake which makes me say its yadava era. Even the workmanship is not very finished so it might be later yadava.when we were kids it was open site for us to play,now ASI has put protection walls but no information is given . The lodge is exactly on the banks of river  pianganga which might have made it a beautiful site. It is situated at janefal ves/gate and very near to balaji temple.

मेहेकर येथील बालाजी मंदिर जवळ,जानेफल वेशीला खेटून ही यादव कालीन धर्मशाळा आहे.पैनगंगा नदीच्या काठिल हि धर्मशाळा तेथील खांबांवरून यादव कालीन म्हणता येते.

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