Reaching Lonar


( please click on Lonar Map on how to reach Lonar Crater Saraover )

Geographically Lonar is located in district buldhana . However tourism in lonar is not at the scale it could have been expect for the study or enthusiastic tourist coming here . Lets see on how to plan your trip to lonar crater (sarovar) .

There are many ways to reach lonar , depending where you are travelling from . Lets have a look at the anchor cities around lonar so that you can plan your travel better.Lonar is in center of Shegaon-Akola , Aurangabd-Janla and Nanded-Washim traingale . All of these cities are situated on highways and are well connected . These also have functioning airports and raiway stations .

The simplest way to reach lonar is to reach Aurangabd and the travel to Lonar by road.

However if you are already touring other places in india you may refine it as below .

If coming from south india , take a flight to nanded or train to washim ( nearest railway station on naded route ).

If coming from estern india , take flight to nagpur or travel by train to Akola-shegaon and from there go to nanded , This route is alos workable if you are coming from central india.

If coming from western India or visiting lonad directry from anywhere , then take flight to aurangabd or take a train to aurangabad/Jalna and from there travel to mehekar and then lonar .

Now shrihari travels have also started daily service from Pune to Lonar , you may book take overnight bus and go to lonar directly from Pune !


Airport : Aurangabad, 122 kms.
Rail  Jalna : 90 Km . Washim : 75 Km .
Distances from major centers :

Mumbai-Aurangabad-Jalna-Lonar: 600 Km;
Buldhana-Lonar: 95 Km;

Mehakar-Lonar: 23 Km;
Aurangabad-Lonar: 145 Km.



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